About Us

Special Friends began in 1996 which consisted of mentor/teacher. Special Friends Extended Mentor Program spun off in 2006. This program invites professionals from the community to come to the schools K-12th grade and mentor students on life skills.

Mentors at the elementary level have breakfast with one student and then they are escorted to the student’s classroom to facilitate a prepared lesson with the teacher on life skills.

Mentors at the junior high level are invited into the classroom to facilitate a lesson on life skills with the classroom teacher. The lessons are strictly geared to meet the needs of junior high students. Both elementary and junior high mentors meet in the school’s library for a continental breakfast at every meeting. This gives the mentors a chance to network with each other as well.

At the High School level lessons have been departmentalized and lessons are taught for various groups of students on for example, maintaining a bank account and personal finances. All lessons taught in the classroom will be on one of the following character traits: respectfulness, responsibility, caring, perseverance in school, honesty, self-control and other life skills.